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An adventure enthusiast by nature·with passion of ridding and adventures behind him, He has the distinction of doing horse riding & trekking expeditions of Aundoli Foothills. Manish always had a vision·to grow big and fly out of the bounds. Sighting this urge and the idea of outbound life full of fun and adventures, has given birth to Aundoli Camps.

At Aundoli Camps we bring you an opportunity to take off on an adventure of a lifetime. Explore the landscape, wildlife and culture of one of the finest locations. Be it the enchanting attractions of mountains or the wonders of magnificent horses, experience the magic of Aundoli Camps for yourself.

Aundoli Camps combines nature at its pristine best with recreational & adventure activities that will give you an experience you will always remember.

Aundoli camps campsite is designed especially for you and your family to enjoy nature at its pristine best. Aundoli Camps gives you the most amazing outdoor experience, with a range of activities conducted to a planned itinerary .

The concept of outbound learning or learning with experience exists in Indian history and mythology.·For ages the belief persists that physical exertion and pain, living together in strange settings among strangers will help to overcome biases, resistances, prejudice and induce compassion, empathy and tolerance to manage differences.·Over the past few years’ outbound learning have gained importance in the Indian corporate sector. We provide tailor made programs which suits the requirements for people of all age groups..

Aundoli Camps, the first of many campsites to come, is now open. It’s a 3.5 acre campsite with 5 tents situated just 7km from Lonavalla, a famous hill station on the aravali range .

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