Campers who love animals will have the opportunity to participate in a Horse Riding Camp, organized and conducted by trained and experienced instructors. The camps will give campers the chance to interact with ponies and horses and experience the love and trust that comes from these noble creatures. Students develop a special bonding with the animals besides learning a sense of responsibility.

While staying on the premises of the Camp SIte Centre, the campers will have the opportunity to follow our daily routines like stable work, feeding, grooming and training of horses.

Besides daily riding lessons, the program will be full of fun activities like games and competitions, outdoor treks & trail rides, movie videos, evenings round the camp & a party night. 

There will be written tests on all that they will learn here and certificates will be issued to all participants at the end of each camp. Upon successful completion the student goes one level higher to a more challenging equitation level.

The camps will be conducted keeping in mind all safety standards. All the organizers and instructors will be staying on the premises itself. 

Nutritious, hygienically prepared Vegetarian meals will be served and purified water will be available.


  • 06:00 hrs - Wake up call
  • 06:30 hrs - Tea and Biscuits
  • 07:00 hrs - Riding Begins
  • 08:00 hrs - Breakfast (in batches)
  • 09:30 hrs - Riding Ends
  • 09:45hrs - Refreshments
  • 10:00 hrs - Review Session
  • 11:30   hrs - Lecture
  • 12:30  hrs - Lunch
  • 13:30 hrs - Free Time
  • 15:30 hrs - Evening Tea
  • 16:00 hrs - Evening Riding Begins
  • 19:00 hrs - Evening Riding Ends
  • 20:00hrs - Journal and Lecture
  • 20:30 hrs - Dinner
  • 22:00 hrs - Lights Out

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