What is Aundoli Camps all about?

We are a non-competitive camp for boys,girls,mens & womens .  We emphasize team spirit and encourage our adventure campers to discover the great outdoors and their inner explorer in a safe and nurturing environment.  We make everyday exciting and challenging.

Where is Aundoli Camps and how do I get my child there?

We are in just 7 kms from the famous hill station called lonavalla. We offer a bus service coming from Mumbai and Pune. 

What are the rooms my child will live in like?

Every room is fully vetillated, has overhead fans and the windows have grills.  Each room has a bathrooms(wash room).  Campers can hang out on their porch during rest periods and look out over the beautiful mountain range opposite to porch.

Why should we trust you, we just found you on the internet?

We have 4 years of fun safe summers.  All of our staff undergo extensive background checks and referencing before being hired by us personally.  We uphold the best camping practices and pride ourselves on running the safest possible summer camp. Aundoli Camps is all we do, we spend all year making sure we are the best, most caring and responsive to our campers needs.

Who looks after my child?

The owners live on camp as do the directors and they  are an extra layer of supervision and caring. They ensure parents are kept well informed and that your child is safe - eating well happy - making friends and getting everything they want from camp.

Can my child call home during the summer?

Yes, your child will call you once a day .  You are able to call / chat to your child's unit leader as well.

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