"Any training that does not include the emotions, mind and body is incomplete; knowledge fades without feeling."

We Take Corporate Development Training and Incentive Programs to a whole new level. As today’s organizations seek to maximize their investment in human capital, they look to experts in the field of workplace learning and performance to guide their efforts.

Our Corporate training programs combine modern theory with a practical interactive delivery style enabling delegates to take an active part in their ‘learning’ experience. Role plays, business games and group exercises are used to make the courses fun, challenging and enjoyable.

This is a time of unparalleled change in the corporate arena. Organizations recognizing the importance of strong and purpose-filled leadership, in conjunction with effective and aligned teamwork, will benefit from the training and developmental programs offered by the hammock team. Our programs offer a unique and dynamic atmosphere for improvement by combining interactive team activities, simulated training, and customized classroom sessions.

Our Corporate Learning Team can also work in partnership with your organization’s trainers or facilitators so that your learning experience is aligned with other development work you may have been doing. Many organizations have found this partnering helpful in ensuring the learning gained in our programs is fully utilized back in the work environment.

Your team will be challenged to face some very familiar problems: change, conflict and communication and participants will work together to set and meet common goals, all in an unfamiliar environment that promotes learning and excitement!
Indian outlook of outbound learning

The following are the various programs that we offer:

Team Building

1. Junior Level
2. Middle Level
3. Senior Level

Issue Based Team Building

Issue based Team building programs are an amalgamation of our basic team building programs with various activities focusing on specific issues faced by an organisation.

New Employees Orientation Programs

Our Orientation programs comes as a very useful tool for organisations hiring new employees at regular basis. Our programs helps the employees in understanding the values of the company and bond well with the other team members.

Leadership programs

Management teams that challenge one another’s thought process develop a more complete and in depth understanding of the choices, create a profound range of option.

Programs for Management and IT Trainees/students

Our specially designed programs for management and IT students helps them in getting a deep insight of the corporate world and the issues they will face in their professional career.

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