"Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate."

Aundoli Camps offers a variety of Adventures for your child. We have trained instructors for all the activities that we offer at Aundoli ·its safety that gets the first priority. All the adventure activities for your child are conducted under the strict supervision of our instructors in a controlled environment, thus ensuring high standards of your child

Activities For Child Training

Day hike


Night survival

This is the next level of adventure, a night trek in the jungle armed with noting more then a torch. No maps, no one to guide you (the instructors are there for the safety only) with darkness all around you and with stars as your guide you make your way back to the camp.

Map Reading

The basics of Map reading and using the compass are taught in this activity.

Treasure hunt

With the experience of map reading and compass usage, you are now equipped and trained in basic safety and are now ready to go on an adventurous Treasure hunt through the jungle, with clues at various points.

Rope Games

We have an array of specially designed rope games that involves strategy and out of box thinking.

Team Games

These are various fun filled activities that involve some basics team building and leadership exercises.

Outdoor Sports

There is a huge playground at Aundoli where your child will be participating in a variety of sports like Cricket, Football, Volleyball etc. This will not only make your child learn the sport but also inculcate values like Sportsmanship, Passion and Ethical Behaviour.

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